Insurance Services

Silhouette Surveillance Ltd are specialists in the investigation of permanent health (income protection) claims.

Our ethos is simple: We provide objective and impartial monitoring of the claimants normal daily routine in an entirely passive manner.

Our investigation will begin with a thorough background investigation from open source material. Once completed, we deploy a team of private investigators to observe the pattern of life that the claimant leads and record an impartial account of their activities, taking care to maintain an impartial and factual record of events.

On completion of surveillance, these private detectives securely pass all recorded data and event logs to us and we transfer the film to a DVD format that can be played on a normal DVD player or on your computer. Our DVD will typically have a menu so that you, the client can quickly and effortlessly access footage of the claimant without wading through incidental footage.

Accompanying the DVD is a typed report containing a summary of events, a detailed event log and a legally binding signed statement by the investigators concerned validating the integrity of both the document and the DVD.

Silhouette also offer an Initial Assessment (IA) service

The IA Service is designed as a prequel to a full investigation. It is designed to provide the insurer with a snapshot of the claimants lifestyle.

An IA will typically consist of all the aforementioned administration searches and a physical assessment.

The physical assessment will take place between the hours of 0700 and 0900 on a weekday and last one hour in total.

An investigator will:

A) Photograph the residence and make brief comments as applicable.

B) Note the make, model and transmission type of any vehicles in the driveway of the claimants residence and also of any other vehicles in the immediate vicinity that may be in use by the claimant.

C) Occasionally attempt to discreetly solicit pertinent information from neighbours or tradespersons.

D) Attempt to comment impartially on any such criteria as requested by the client.

E) On completion of the above tasks will engage in surveillance for a period of time not exceeding one hour. Should the claimant leave, the investigator will follow him/her to their first destination and gain video footage where possible.

On completion of the assessment, Silhouette will verbally update the client. A full written report with video footage (where applicable) and invoice will be sent via registered post to the client without delay.

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