Corporate Investigations

Silhouette Surveillance can provide a variety of investigation services to corporate clients such as;

IP Investigations

Intellectual property infringements can severely damage brand dominance and market trust. Silhouette investigators can trace grey goods back to the point of origin and help to arrange injunctions against offenders.

Sickness / Absence monitoring

Companies who offer sickness benefit over and above statutory sick pay are often taken advantage of by a minority of unscrupulous employees. These individuals reduce business profitability and threaten the welfare of their colleagues. Silhouette operatives can conduct ad-hoc surveillance and report on the activities of the employee without their knowledge.

Loss Prevention and undercover Investigations

Internal theft and loss can be difficult to detect and even harder to prove. Silhouette Surveillance can insert an operative into your organisation to observe and detect collusion and theft. We can liaise with your personnel department to assess the depth of evidence required to dismiss, convict or clear the name of a member of staff.